Meet Demetrius

My name is Demetrius Harrington and teaching is my passion. I was born in Boston but raised in Springfield Massachusetts. I joined the United States Air Force and became a certified Maintenance Database Management Analysis.
Several years later I moved to Spain and was introduced .to teaching English.

I have been teaching English for 10 years and during that time I have had the pleasure of writing an English book that has been used by more than 10,000 language learners. I have also trained more than 100 teachers that are currently employed all over the world using my style of teaching. In addition I have taught students ranging from beginners to advanced, from age 10 to 75 and from not motivated to highly motivated.

I believe I have covered almost every topic when it comes to English but I am always looking forward to new and innovative things. I believe that students can reach their full potential in a fun environment that is what I am great at doing. I also have two children that are bilingual which ensures that every day I am engaged in the teaching/learning process.

Some people are teachers because they love it and others because they have to be. Fortunately for you, I am driven by both of these factors. Teach you soon and thanks for reading this.