Meet Paul

Hello! My name is Paul and I have a passion for teaching English-speaking.

I am a native British speaker from England, but now live in Spain with my Spanish partner.

I’m interested in different cultures, current affairs, travel, music and film. In my spare time I make board games based on escape rooms, walk in the mountains, and play guitar.

Adults and children from beginners to advanced (6 years)

Currently, working for the University International Menendez Pelayo, as an English Teacher offering intensive English-speaking classes for University level students.

Volunteer in Tanzania – supporting life and learning.

I hold a TQUK certificate in Teaching English as a second language, (QCF) TEFL Level 5.

Speaking English can be challenging, but it can also be interesting and fun.

If you book a session with me, you will meet a calm and devoted person, who will help you to improve your English speaking.

Book a session! I’m interested in what you have to say.